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Major Projects

TPI for construction of 10/20 Nos. T-I/T-III Type Houses at university campus
TPI for the work Up-grading/Widening and re-carpeting of roads in city
TPI for the work of Construction of 3 Lane High Level Bridge
TPI for construction of Multi-Level Parking
TPI for new Deluxe Building
TPI for for construction of Civil Dispensary
TPI for consultancy works of Water Supply and Sewerage/Work Station
TPI for strengthening the monitoring and Inspection Arrangements of river(s)
TPI for 1890 Nos. of Multistoried Houses in five land pockets under HOUSING SCHEME
TPI for Community Centre including Boundary Wall/Parking
TPI for Const. of road: Earthwork in embankment/ providing and laying GSB/ Wet Mix Macadam, Tack coat/ 50mm thick B.M. 25mm thick premix carpet with seal coat providing and fixing of kerb and channel and all other works contingent thereto.
TPI for Urban Complex:(Consideration of RCC drain along 24 Mtr. wide road in city and all other works contingent thereto.)
TPI for special repair of main road with 80mm thick interlocking paver blocks
TPI for special repair of balance internal roads in various Sectors/Providing and laying 80mm thick ISI marked interlocking paver blocks (M-40) complete in all respect and all other works.
TPI for Construction of external road between various Sectors in City/Supply and laying of earth
TPI for special repair of 45 M wide road (single carriage way) on outer bye-pass/Supply and laying of 75mm thick BUSG
TPI for providing Internal Storm water Drainage scheme.
TPI for providing external sewerage scheme in city/Providing/lowering/jointing/cutting of 60mm dia S.W. pipe/sewer and RCC pipe NP4 with bitumen coating of various sizes from 900mm to 1600mm i/d and construction of RCC sewerage scheme in city/and all other works.